JobReady Program

What is JobReady?

JobReady is a 16-week instructor-led educational program providing integrated training specific to the needs of each student. We have found that many of our students have gaps in multiple areas, including: digital literacy, applied workplace reading and math (GED), online aspects of job search, research, and application, and hard and soft employment skills. Because students may need a combination of computer, literacy, and entry-level vocational skills, JobReady is customized for each student’s needs and goals.


An orientation allows students to understand the scope of the program, have an initial assessment of literacy and computer skills, set personal goals for the program, and commit in writing to the program’s attendance requirements. Students are then placed in classes based on their initial assessment and expressed areas of interest.

The JobReady experience for your clients:

In the first eight weeks, students will begin taking classes in their chosen career track, for example Office Manager, PC Technician, Phlebotomy, or Bookkeeping. They are also introduced to the KeyTrain software and take a pre-assessment test to determine competencies in the areas of reading for information, locating information, and applied mathematics.

In the second eight weeks, continue with their career track classes and receive additional tutoring as needed. They will also have instructor-facilitated online lessons in KeyTrain to build skills for the CRC Certificate exam. CRC is a valuable tool for our students because it provides an objective measurement of workplace skills for those who have been out of the workforce.

All participants are required to take the eight-week job-readiness class, which includes career exploration, resume, cover letter, interviewing, professional dress, written and verbal communication skills, typical employer expectations, conflict management, and ways to excel in the workplace. Students may participate in ELTC’s competitive internship program that allows them to receive feedback from employers in a professional work environment. They also attend LCWC’s Skills Lab to become familiar with tools and resources available to them there.


Students leave the JobReady program with tangible takeaways including:

  • Core skills tied to a career path with a sustainable income
  • Objective measures of workplace skills via the Colorado Career Ready Certificate
  • Résumé and cover letter documents
  • Technical skills to create, format, and send documents electronically
  • Workplace computer skills—including an understanding of online systems necessary to utilize the self-serve resources provided by the Larimer County Workforce Center
  • Qualified students will also have the opportunity to participate in a competitive internship process through ELTC allowing them to practice newly acquired skills in a professional work environment
  • Ability to navigate an employment search in today’s competitive job market