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JobReady for Community is a program developed to teach individuals entry-level job skills such as basic computer usage, other technologies as well as basic professional behavior and expectations in the workplace.

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Are your business results impacted by high employee turnover? ELTC offers an extensive menu of training designed to increase the skill level of your workforce, improve employee retention and reduce absenteeism.

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ELTC Friends and Supporters,

Effective April 15, 2015, ELTC is now a Center of The Matthews House! This is great news for both our students and our community. Those of you who attended Wordplay Literacy Theater Tuesday evening heard the news first hand; the Coloradoan ran an article that appeared in the Wednesday morning print edition and also online.

Many of you may be interested in knowing a bit more about this change and what it means for the future of our employment skills training mission. As a bit of background, I’ve been leading the search for an ELTC executive director after Tracy Mead moved over to lead Project Self-Sufficiency in January. About the same time, informal talks about our partnership with The Matthews House became serious discussions about the potential for merging our agencies. ELTC has worked with The Matthews House for several years, including offering ELTC classes at The Community Life Center, run by The Matthews House, so the ideas behind closer collaboration have been percolating for a while.

Myself and the other ELTC directors that make up our board looked at all of our options for moving forward. I believe the board has made the wise choice; by deepening an existing strong partnership, we can accelerate both the effectiveness and the scope of our offerings. We learned from the Circles® Program, how providing a supportive, transformative environment along with skills development is much more effective than skills development alone. As a board, we agreed that a criteria for moving forward is the integration of concepts from Circles® and Bridges out of Poverty. This merger can make that a reality! The Matthews House and ELTC have the common vision of empowering individuals and families that are striving for self-sufficiency. The Matthews House is highly capable of providing counseling services, and ELTC provides complementary educational services.

So, why not simply continue to partner with The Matthews House? The first good reason to change is the most important: A single agency can offer seamless service to students and clients. As consumers, we all desire better service, and expectations should be no different, just because we are non-profit organizations. The second good reason is to increase efficiency of service delivery and reduce the cost of providing services. As part of a larger organization, the skills-training mission will benefit from access to specialty in-house talent, and will be able reduce costs that penalize a small agency.

What’s changing?

  • The biggest visible change is probably our name: ELTC is now the Education and Employment Center of The Matthews House.
  • The Executive Director and Founder of The Matthews House, Jerri Schmitz, will extend her responsibilities to oversee the activities of The Education and Employment Center
  • The ELTC Board has been invited to join the Board of The Matthews House, and I look forward to becoming a member of the board of the larger organization
  • Over the coming weeks, we will be adopting business systems and IT processes used by The Matthews House

What’s not changing?

  • The Education and Employment Center continues to offer classes at 401 Linden St., the Community Life Center, and Loveland Library
  • Our instructors, staff, and volunteers will continue to provide the same rigorous instruction in the “welcoming” environment that enables student success
  • Your support is still required for ongoing operations. The vast majority of our students receive scholarships, thanks to your generous and consistent support
  • As we move to the future, we are honoring the history of the Education and Life Training Center. The agency, operating for nearly 50 years, has continuously evolved to meet changing requirements. We have been a part of what makes Fort Collins and Northern Colorado such a wonderful community, and this merger is in the spirit of doing what is necessary to remain relevant today and for years to come

What’s the future look like?

  • I’m dazzled by the opportunities that a focused center in a larger agency create for our mission, as well as the opportunity to enhance the offerings of The Matthews House
  • One of the first priorities is hiring a Director for the Center, who will be responsible for leading the Education and
  • Employment Center, under the direction of Jerri Schmitz
  • We will engage with community and business leaders to tune our existing offerings and evaluate the need for additional offerings

Now that planning for the combination of our agencies is complete, I’ll be focused on the integration of the agencies. Please accept my thanks to all of you who volunteer your time and resources to improve the livelihood of others through education. If you have comments or questions, please email me at: ED@eltcenter.org

Bob Steiner, ELTC Board Chair and Acting Interim Executive Director

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